7 Essentials You Must Have When Reading Outdoors

It’s the peak of summer!

It’s the perfect time to get out and enjoy the sun and fresh air while catching up on your favorite book. 

No matter where you choose to read – the beach, park, or just in your garden – don’t forget to take these seven essentials with you!

1. A comfy picnic mat or an old blanket.

Sitting on the grass or on sand can irritate your skin. Feeling itchy all over will not allow you to concentrate on your book. The picnic mat will protect you from bugs, dirt, and whatever else that can cause irritation, so you can focus all your attention on reading and feeling comfortable.

2. A small yet fluffy pillow.

No reading posture is ever complete without a fluffy pillow! You can prop yourself up on the pillow, rest your head on it, or use it as a book stand. The possibilities for the use of fluffy pillows are endless, so don’t go on a reading adventure without it!

Choose to bring small pillows or throw pillows when planning to read outdoors. They are easily portable and you won’t have a hard time bringing them from one place to another.

3. A refreshing bottle of water.

Getting thirsty while reading outdoors in inevitable. With the heat of the sun, you will need something to refresh you. This is why it is good to always have a bottle of water handy. Bring it with you before you leave home so you wouldn’t have to get up and find a vendor that sells water.

If you don’t like drinking water that much, you can also bring bottles of soda, juice, or iced tea. Whichever you prefer is okay. Just don’t forget to wipe your hands after you drink, or else you might get your book wet!

4. Some delectable snacks.

Of course, food is also essential to every outdoor reading session. Bring snacks with you because, just like the previous item, it would be a chore and frustrating to get up and find a food vendor just because you are hungry.

A bag of chips or nuts will do. If you plan on staying for the whole day, you might want to pack lunch. Eating meals outdoors will be a great thing to do while it’s summer, too.

5. Your trusty sunblock.

I’m sure a lot of you already know that staying too long under the heat of the sun is harmful. Apply sunblock before you leave home to protect yourself from the negative effects of UV. Bring your sunblock bottle as you go out. Reapply after 4 hours because the protective layer of the lotion will wear out by then.

6. A handy umbrella.

An umbrella is great to have no matter what the weather is. It can provide additional shade when the heat starts to get unbearable or shield you from rain drops when it starts to pour.

Here’s a pro tip when choosing an umbrella to bring: make sure it is big enough to protect you and your bags. You wouldn’t want your other precious items to get wet or exposed to too much heat as you go home, right?

7. An exciting summer read.

This should be the most important item on this list. Whether you are bringing a printed book ar an e-reader, choose a story that you can enjoy while basking under the heat of the sun and inhaling that summer breeze. Summer reads should be short, easy to understand, and will make you feel good after you finish reading the book. Plus, they should be able to take you to places where you want to spend your vacation!

If you have a #bookstagram account, it will also be a great idea to bring a camera and to shoot while you are outdoors. The flood of natural light will make your photos appear crisp and clear – perfect for that IG worthy shot!

Do you have any other items that you bring when you read outdoors? Let us know in the comments and share your thoughts with other #awesomenerds!

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  1. I wish it was still summer over here....I love going to the park for a picnic so much during the good season and enjoying a book under the sun is a must!

  2. hm I wish it wasn't fall/winter I would love to read outside occasionally.

  3. Sunblock is the one I always seem to miss. I always find myself thinking I won't be out that long so I'll be fine, but then I always manage to get to a good spot in a book and well I loose track of time and next thing I know it's sunburn.

  4. Essentials indeed, I do tend to forget one or the other thing when I am reading outside and most of the times, it is the pillow or the umbrella, and then I just change the place or the pose to feel more comfortable. But that is all okay if I have an interesting read.

  5. I really enjoyed outdoor reading, it makes me inspire by seeing the nature and most of the time, I do bring snacks and of course a lot of books