8 Bookstagram Accounts That Will Inspire You This Week


Instagram is rich with creative people with a good eye for photography. Some of them are book nerds.

We found 8 unique Instagram accounts that will inspire you not only to take pictures but to read more, as well! 

For this week, the headings are inspired by Taylor Swift songs (shoutout to the Swifties!) because why not?

Ready? Here we go!

1. Loving books is red: @writeturnsonly

Re-e-e-ed, re-e-e-ed...

Writeturnsonly is maintained by Sam. She's 22 and is a Rawenclaw! Her feed is filled with book piles, books and nature shots, funkos, and flowers! 

2. Right there where we stood... was bookish ground: @lexdidemsbookcorner

And darling it was good...

Neat and clean - that's how Alex of Lexidemsbookcorner does it! Look at her feed and feast your eyes on aesthetically pleasing book photos, beautiful flowers, even lighting, and the most popular titles that are on everyone's TBR!

3. You fold me up again tonight: @bookishbloke

This time, I'm telling you, I'm telling you...

Mael of Bookishbloke is a master of origami. His shots are decorated with lots of amazing pieces. Add the filter + his interesting book choices and you get a unique Bookstagram account like no other!

4. And I've got that hardbound classic book that you like: @simpleexplorations

We'll never go out of style...

Emily of Simpleexplorations has amazing taste in books.. look at all those classics! Her feed has got everything from classics to modern classics, and even new titles that have great potential to be enjoyed even by the next generations!

5. Cause, baby, I can build a castle, out of all the books they threw at me: @dropitlikeitsread

Baby, we're the new romantics...

Book piles! Book piles everywhere! Beware, the bookworms behind Dropitlikeitsread will give you major book envy! Look at their feed and see every book nerd's dream in colorful pictures. You can also check them out on their blog!

6. The books are so bright but they don't blind me: @emmirosereads

Welcome to New York...

Look at all those pretty lights! The clean and bright feed of Emmi's account will amaze anyone. She's definitely got a good eye for photography. She also has a Youtube channel where she shares reviews and other kinds of content we book nerds love!

7. Map everything now: @pretty_little_library

Lead me in the pouring rain...

Kat of Pretty_little_library loves book maps! Because really, who doesn't? If you are the type who spends hours looking at book maps, then you can also spend hours looking at Kat's account! It also features popular book cover, books and socks shots, and amazing nature views to look at while reading.

8. I don't know about you, but I'm drinking coffee too: @booksovermatter

Everything will be alright if you keep me next to you...

Coffee and books! Two of everyone's favorites in a square photo! Just by looking at Booksovermatter's feed is enough to make you want to go home and spend an entire afternoon reading!

That's it for this week! We hope these awesome Bookstagram accounts inspired you to read more books, take more pictures, and be fearless in sharing your thoughts about books! Click on the links, give them a follow, and send them messages if you like! 

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