Fail-Proof Ways to Protect Your Phone Battery from Damage

Smartphones are one of the most popular e-readers, especially in the Philippines. Different models are capable of supporting different file formats – including pdf, epub, ebook, and a lot more!

Plus, it is very handy, so it’s no surprise why the younger generation prefers smartphones as their e-reader of choice.

Unfortunately, using smartphones too much can take a toll on its battery. Many have experienced shortened battery life span, slow charging, and sometimes, the battery just stops working and you will need to buy a costly replacement.

But, worry not! Here are a few fail-proof tips that could prevent your phone battery from getting damaged easily.

Do not completely drain your smartphone’s battery.

As you use your smartphone, you will notice your battery power slowly start to dwindle. Don’t wait for it to be completely empty before you plug it to charge! Each time you empty your battery, it loses a percentage of its charging capacity. If you keep doing this, you will damage it completely.
When your phone hits 30% or 20%, that’s already a good time to start re-charging. 

Turn off unnecessary apps and features.

Smartphones are packed with advanced features designed to help make life easier. However, running all of them together will drain your battery faster. You might not need all these apps and features so it would be wise to turn them off. 

Check your phone settings and see apps have the most battery consumption. Turn them off if you don’t need them. Also, check if your WiFi, Cellular Data, and Bluetooth are turned on. They are major power drainers, too. Activate them only when you need them. This way, you can save power and allot it for more important stuff – like electronic reading!

Keep your charging ports clean!

Are you fond of taking trips to the beach? How about doing picnics in your backyard? Do you usually climb mountains? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you have to frequently clean your charging ports!

Most smartphones do not have a covering for their charging ports, so it is possible for sand, mud, and dust particles to enter. If these sediments build-up, it is going to affect the transfer of electricity from your wall charger to your phone’s batteries. It will degrade battery life in the long run.

Stick to your phone’s original charger.

Unless you bought your phone from a second-hand source, manufacturers always give you a charger to go with the phone. As much as possible, use only this whenever you’re charging.

If it already starts wearing out because of constant use, you can purchase a new one that is of high-quality and is approved by manufacturers, like the Magneto Magnetic Charging Cable.

This specific charging cable comes with amazing features:
  • It has ultra-fast charging capabilities. No more waiting for hours!
  • It is MFI Certified by Apple. It will work even on the pickiest iPhone models.
  • It has a unique strengthened cable that is 10 times more durable than the ordinary cable. 
  • It has a comfortable length of 3.28 ft. No more leaving your phone on the floor while charging!
The best part is that it comes at a very affordable price, too! You can check out more details about the charger + the latest price by visiting this link:

So, you see, it’s not very hard to take care of your smartphone’s battery. Follow these tips and you’ll see your efforts pay off! You can save money on repairs, purchasing new batteries, and avoid wasting your precious time in going to the service center!

Do you have any more tips to protect your smartphone’s battery? Let us know in the comments below!