Upgrade To A Grown-Up Reading Corner: 5 Things You Need

Everywhere is a good place to read  - in the library, on the beach, in the garden, even in the crowded airport. But, the best reading spot will always be your reading corner at home.

Every bookworm’s reading corner is different and is designed for the ultimate comfort and enjoyment of the reader. Some have simple mats on the floor, others have comfy chairs, still others even set-up a teepee!

No matter what your vibe may be, these essentials will definitely upgrade your reading nook into something more comfortable and enjoyable. Plus, it will make you seem more grown up!

1. A bigger and better reading chair.

Comfy chairs are expensive so it would be wise to start with a simple one for your reading nook. But, you need to save some money and invest in quality chairs!

The best ones for reading have a high-back and soft arms. They should be big and have enough space for you to change positions as you read. You can choose from a wide variety of materials, and colors. Black leather seats make your nook look sophisticated, velvet can bring in a rustic theme, and pastel colors can make the nook look chic.

A bigger and better chair will help you concentrate on your book and remain comfortable even if you spend hours on the thing. Of course, it makes your reading nook look fancy, too.

2. A fancy footstool.

A footstool is an extra piece of furniture that you can use to support your feet while sitting down. It elevates your legs, allowing you to enjoy a more comfortable, upright reading position. 

There are some armchairs that come with a matching footstool. You can buy these if you don’t have a lot of time for shopping. But, you can also choose to purchase the foot stool separately. You can be more creative and buy a foot stool that is made of a different material and has a different color. It will make your reading nook more interesting and fun to look at.

3. A floor lamp.

Say goodbye to the old table lamp you’ve had since you were a kid, and say hello to a brand new floor lamp!

The floor lamp is basically a lamp whose base you put on the floor. It is taller than any table lamps and looks classier. You can position it directly next to your chair.

Aside from providing good lighting, floor lamps also make great decorative items for your reading nook. You can choose from a wide variety of designs that will suit the theme of your reading nook. There are floor lamps with edgy geometric designs, rounded classic designs, and simple designs. They come in different colors, too!

4. A functional side table.

Side tables are very useful. They are surfaces where you can place everything that you need while reading - your burning candle, your mug of coffee, your snacks, and your phone. A side table would make each one very easy to reach.

There are tons of side table designs, and one of them would definitely suit your fancy. The important thing to remember when choosing a side table is to consider the height of your chair. The height of the table should be the same as the arm. It can also be a little lower. Anything other than this would be uncomfortable and will not look good.

5. A soft throw blanket.

Throw blankets are very popular among interior decorators nowadays. They are lightweight pieces of cloth that can be draped anywhere to add more color to a room. 

Aside from decorative purposes, you can also use the throw to keep you warm as you on your reading adventures during the colder seasons. Choose one that is soft to ensure utmost comfort!

Don’t worry - you don’t need to buy them all at once! You can start with the things you can afford and slowly upgrade your reading nook into a grown-up reading corner. No more reading on the floor!

Do you have any more suggestions on upgrading a reading nook? Share it in the comments and let more #awesomenerds know!