5 Intense Books You Should Read This Summer

The best way to spend a warm summer day is to sit back with a good book to read.

Of course, I don’t expect you to read complicated physics books - we all need to take a rest from the heavy reading we go through in school or at work. Contemporary books are great picks and a favorite among many, but if you want more intense reads, the books in this list are perfect for you.

All Stories are Love Stories by Elizabeth Percer

Calamity strikes San Francisco as two major earthquakes hit the buzzing metropolis just within hours of each other. This leaves the city in ruins. In the middle of all the chaos, three individuals help each other as they see how everything unfolds – changing their lives indefinitely.

This work is definitely is a page-turner that shows us the strong forces of nature and the stronger forces of love. If you want to experience a fast roller coaster of emotions, then this one is for you.

My Mrs. Brown by William Norwich

This book tells the tale of an elderly widow, Mrs. Emilia Brown - a serious person who has always been frugal and restrained. All this would change as she notices a stunning Oscar de la Renta dress while helping out in the inventory of a dead woman's estate. Emilia falls for the dress and considers going to New York City to purchase it. This leads her on a journey to raise money and discovers much about herself along the way.

Women of all ages will love reading this book. Everyone can relate with the character of Mrs. Brown. Maybe, you'll discover a thing or two about you, too.

The Summer Before The War by Helen Simonson

The story takes place in East Sussex, 1914. After her father’s death, a schoolteacher Beatrice Nash moves and tries to seek independence in this small town. While trying to lead a normal life and build her career, Beatrice is slowly drawn into the lives of the town’s residents as she starts to get to know and care for them.

This novel focuses on the dynamics of a society in a small town while going through the trials and ordeals of being at war and its effect on the lives of people. Readers of historical fiction will love this work.

Miller's Valley by Anna Quindlen

This book tells the story of Mimi Miller’s experiences as she grows up in a small community called Miller’s Valley. As life goes along, she discovers that her home is not the perfect and safe haven she thought it would be. She discovers secrets, flaws, and faces a threat to the future of her small town.

This highly acclaimed read is sure to touch your heart. It is a definite page-turner from one of the best authors of this generation. It will give you a glimpse to the lives of other people and develop an understanding for the human nature from your observations.

Marrow Island by Alexis Smith

This environmental thriller tells the story of Luci Bowen and her investigation of the eerie events that are happening in Marrow Island. 20 years ago, the island was declared as a disaster zone because of an earthquake. The appearance of a mysterious colony piqued her interest and sets her off into a new adventure.

With all the eerie events unfolding, this page-turner will leave you on the edge of your seat. Plus, you'll also get to take a trip to one of the most exotic corners of the world - the Pacific Northwest. The vivid description of the flora and fauna will impress you and give you a glimpse on a few of the many problems our environment is facing.

All the books in this list are very short. Together with the amazing stories it tells, you will surely be able to finish a book in this list in one sitting or two.

Do you have any other summer reads you can recommend? We'd love to hear about them! Leave a comment down below!