#FeedGoals: Using Props and Going Places for Instagram

There are tons of ways to take Instagram pictures and achieve your feed goals. Some use props, others go from one location to another. The important thing is not to lose that personal touch in your photos.

The book nerds behind these 8 stunning Bookstagram accounts seem to have mastered the art.

Check them out, follow them, and always be inspired by their good-looking Instagram feeds! Plus, they give great book recommendations, too!

1. Simple yet elegant: @judgybookdragon

Fathima from judgybookdragon is an amazing book nerd from India! She uses very simple props, as you can see, but is able to come up with such an elegant feed! Check out her account and see the most popular titles in the book world, lots of Harry Potter, and a little bit of India's unique culture!

2. Books and beautiful flowers: @manoosh.aa

When it comes to shooting books and flowers, Manoosha is on top of her game! Aside from the familiar titles, you will also be treated to lovely flowers that you don't get to see every day. These blooms will beautify your feed immensely and give you an idea on how to use those flowers on your mom's vase during your next Bookstagram shoot.

3. Never not reading: @ly_brary

If dramatic shots inspire you, then make sure to visit and follow ly_brary! This girl is never not reading - no matter where she goes, there is a book in her hand and that is simply amazing! Aside from these b&w photos, her feed is also home to photos of food, funko pops, and a documentation of her awesome adventures!

4. A blast of vibrant colors: @megs_books

If mixing tons of colors in one photo is an act of bravery, then Megan from megs_books is the bravest one of all! The vibrant colors in her photos radiate positive energy and will help you get through a boring work day. Her photos will also inspire you to go shopping for bookish merch, too!

5. A breath of fresh outdoor air: @readingontherun

Are you fond of reading outdoors but have to work in an office? Then following Hollie from readingontherun is a must! She takes photos of the great outdoors and will make you feel like you are reading right beside her. Plus, there's wine. Lots of wine! You can't say no to wine.

6. Wanderlust + Booklust: @theliteraryenchantments

What's better than reading? That's right - reading while traveling the world! That is just what Melissa from theliteraryenchantments is doing, and we absolutely love following her adventures! She hops from one country to another and takes pictures of bookstores! Isn't that just the most exciting thing to do when on vacation?

7. Wood and shelves: @dragonbabiespodcast

If you are very much in love with YA fantasy books, then you will definitely love this account! Dragonbabiespodcast is run by 2 sisters who love dragons - so much that they named their account after the powerful mythological creatures! Aside from sharing their favorite books on Bookstagram, they also talk about them on their podcast which you can find here!

8. White and bright: @littlereaderxoxo

Sarah from littlereaderxoxo is doing an amazing job at highlighting the beauty of book covers! Her feed is simple, neat, and will definitely inspire you to start a bookstagram account of your own!

Like I said earlier, you can definitely use anything as props or go anywhere to shoot! These accounts are solid proof! As long as you inject your photos with a bit of your personality, you will be able to come up with a stunning feed that book nerds around the world will love to look at.

#FeedGoals is a weekly post that features amazing accounts from the Bookstagram community. Want to see your photos here? Simply follow us on Instagram and comment on our photos! The world needs to know how amazing we book nerds are!