Harry Potter: 8 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Read The Books

The Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling is a well-known book series. It has received tons of awards, sparked a blockbuster movie series, and propelled the author to becoming one of the richest authors who ever lived.
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These books - seven in total – can be quite challenging to read. When you move further in the series, each book gets thicker and thicker. So, you may ask: why should we even spend time reading the Harry Potter books?

There are tons of reasons, but here are the most important ones I feel that you should know about:

1. The plot is amazing.

You probably know that already from the movies, but the books have more details that were not featured in the movie. You will see that the series follows a chiastic plot structure that is reminiscent of classics like The Illiad and the Odyssey. You can expect the different books to mirror each other. Events that happened in earlier titles will be mirrored in the later ones. Through this technique, readers are able to see how each character develops into maturity.

2. It provides comic relief.

There may be quite some drama in the Harry Potter books, but several humorous moments are present, as well. One instance was when Harry and Ron are late for class - their instructor jokes at how she can just turn one of them into a pocket watch to remind them of the time. These moments and a lot more will make the books quite the entertaining read.

3. It introduces the issue of racism subtly.

Yes, this is a children’s book but it delivers - with subtlety – relevant themes such as racism.  This is best displayed through the discrimination of wizards towards humans. Sure, this may be all-choked-up fiction, but it clearly gives children an easy to understand portrayal of hatred and how we all should be against it.

4. The series portrays coming of age in a unique way.

The books all revolve around the experiences of Harry Potter and his friends from childhood to adulthood. Unlike other coming of age novels, the books do not only focus on one specific age group. You will get a glimpse into the struggles of kids as they transition into adolescents and eventually, adults.

5. All the books are easy reads.

If you’re quite the reader, you’ve probably experienced some books that are difficult to read. These have lengthy dependent clauses that make you feel you’re lost in a forest of words. The Harry Potter books are the exact opposite. Imagine sailing a ship in flat waters with a steady wind blowing you through the vast expanse - that’s how smooth the reading experience is when it comes to J.K. Rowling’s writing. Each word, phrase, and sentence are carefully written to make readers from all ages enjoy what the author has to offer.

6. The books give you a better opportunity to connect with other people.

Since there’s such a huge fan-base for the Harry Potter series, you will always have someone to talk to or rant out. You will never feel alone. You can find Potterheads everywhere – social media sites, forums, and basically every corner on the Internet! The best part about talking to other fans? You can turn them into treasured friends.

8. They teach about love – in all its forms.

The Harry Potter books are filled with all sorts of lessons. However, the most important thing that the books teach you is how love comes in many forms. The love between friends, the love of a mother that is enough to save your life, and even romantic love! All these lessons are what truly gives these books more weight for the reader.

9. It's not over yet.


The wizarding world that J.K. Rowling has created in a train ride from Manchester to London is still growing. There are more stories to come – the most anticipated one today being the Fantastic Beasts movies. The only problem you will have is the nagging anticipation of finding out what’s next in the Wizarding World.

If it is not your first time to read the series of books, now is also a great time to revisit these classic works of literature. A tale of growing up as an orphan and establishing familial bonds with others, the Harry Potter books will teach you how love can conquer every adversity that may come your way.