Learning How to Survive your Boring Job from Franz Kafka

The endless drone of your day-to-day life can be very unmotivating.

You wake up in the morning to get ready for work. You toil the rest of the day only to come home to find that you’re drained of energy. Sometimes, you may even ask yourself why you’re doing this in the first place.

Work. Is it because we have to do it or love to do it? Some people even say work with your passion and you won’t have to work a single day of your life. How naïve of them, I think!

Reality is an endless string of ups and downs that are peppered with absurd events time and time again. But what can you do? You’re running on this treadmill of life - sweating it out until you eventually dry up or maybe the treadmill breaks down and you’re left with what we call unemployment.

Good thing there are a lot of things that you do to keep you running or, even, fix that thing you’re running on and finally plot a course to give you direction.

Learning How to Deal with Work from Franz Kafka

Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis has a lot to share about working. It is the story of a man who woke up one morning to find out he has transformed into a giant cockroach. Despite this, he tries to go on with his life, perform well in his job as a salesman, and keep on providing for his family.

Your boring job may seem like a parasitic leech that drains you of energy immediately when you wake up, but reading this book can easily change your perspective on work, life, and peace of mind.

Focus and Accept the Absurd.

Franz Kafka loves writing about absurd situations. The main character, Gregor Samsa, shrugs aside the physical changes that he has undergone. He believes he has more pressing matters to worry about - like his job. Even his family initially gets worried about his physical changes but eventually tends to lean their worries towards Gregor’s inability to provide for the family.

This acceptance teaches us to worry less about the absurdities that you may face. From walking out of the shower only to slip and sprain your ankle to ending up with a horrible boss, you should be aware that your emotions are insignificant when it comes to your job.

This doesn't mean, however, that you should surrender and lose interest. This only means that you should accept the facts and, when trouble may arise, fix it the best you can. Acceptance of the absurd is a way for you to gain peace of mind while being emotionally efficient. It is a way to rid yourself of emotional clutter so you can function properly even at the worst of times.

Speak Your Mind.

Some people think that keeping problems to yourself is a necessary skill that each adult should have. Conquering your emotional struggles doesn’t mean that you just bury them at the back of your head.

Even when Gregor Samsa turns into a cockroach, he still thinks like a human. The only problem is that he cannot communicate what he is thinking. This results in his emotional deterioration throughout the story – which shows us the value of voicing out your own thoughts.

Communication is important and you need to talk about your problems with a person you know or, if you have the resources, to an actual therapist. This is going to give you a renewed outlook on your work and rekindle the fires of motivation. And it is also going to make you feel lighter every time you wake up.

Work, Earn, and Invest on Something Worthwhile.

When pay day comes, most people tend to splurge all their money. This is what we call as living between paychecks. By doing this, you will tend to overlook the value of money. This perspective on earnings is what people call being rich-poor. The kind of rich-poor that’s supposedly on the brink of bankruptcy but still is able to enjoy a venti-sized drink from Starbucks.

In Metamorphosis, Kafka teaches us to value money as a life source to provide for oneself and others.

In the book, Gregor Samsa aspires to use his salary so he can send his sister to music school. He was earning money to eventually get something priceless - education.

In your struggles with work and your daily routine, you have to envision a life beyond your job and focus all your hard-earned money on something worthwhile. Invest on something important like a business or your passion for art. This is going to revitalize your drive for working at your 9-to-5 job by knowing that you’re bound for greatness and self-growth.

If you feel like your job is a vampiric creature that sucks out the life-blood of your day-to-day existence, these nuggets of wisdom from Kafka are going to help you infinitely. By accepting absurdity and being able to speak your mind, you will be able to be liberated from the pangs of boredom. And, by looking forward to better things, you can renew your drive to go to work every day no matter how repetitive it might get.