9 Quotes from Caraval that Will Inspire You To Stay Tough


2017 is far from over, but a lot of readers already say that Caraval is one of the best books they have read this year.

I definitely agree with that.

This debut novel of Stephanie Garber has the perfect mix of magic, adventure, and love of different kinds. Aside from these, the book also paints a clear picture of two different women who stood up and fought for what they wanted - freedom.  

Here are some of the best quotes from Caraval that will remind you to be a strong and confident person who is not afraid of taking risks and new adventures.

"Nothing we do is safe. But, this is worth the risk."
- Julian

"There's more to life than staying safe."
- Donatella Dragna

"Be careful who you trust.
Most people here aren't who they appear."
- Julian

"Those people were only playing.
If you want to win you have to be a little ruthless."
- Julian

"Be careful about giving your secrets away too freely.
If people knew what you want most, it can be used against you."
- Julian

"Occasionally, people confuse fantasy with reality.
Accidents sometimes result."
- Rupert

"Dreams that come true can be beautiful,
but they can also turn into nightmares when people won't wake up."
- Jovan

"The future is much like the past;
it is mostly set but can always be altered."
- Nigel

"Do you always focus on what you are giving up rather than what you'll be gaining?
Some things are worth the pursuit regardless of the cost."
- Aiko