Warrior Weapons: The Most Amazing Swords In Game of Thrones

Swords are the staple weapons of warriors from Westeros. Even the iron throne is made of swords that were melted by the great dragons of old. Scepters and staffs are not that common in the GoT world, which makes swords also the most widely-recognized symbol of power.

But, among all the swords, there are a few that played a significant role in turning the tides of history. From blades of Valyrian steel to a sword that was forged from metal that came plummeting down from the sky, here are some of the strongest blades to ever have cut their way into the memory of every Westerosi:

01. Blackfyre | House Targaryen
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Blackfyre was a sword that is made of Valyrian steel, a black handle, and a ruby-red hilt. Like other swords used by the Targaryen house, this weapon has dragon heads at the tip of its hilt. Due to its great size, it is considered a long sword and has a distinct sheen to it because of its Valyrian origins.

The Blackfyre is a prized weapon in the realm of man. Valyrian forges are known to make blades with both unrivaled sharpness, durability, and magic. The history of Blackfyre is as awesome as the craftsmanship behind it. After being wielded by Aegon in successive campaigns, the sword was passed down from generation to generation among the members of House Targaryen.

The name Blackfyre also founded a house when it was given by Aegon the IV to his bastard son Daemon. Daemon then established his own house that was named after the sword. This was then used in uprisings against the ruling House Targaryen. Eventually, the sword was lost to history and no one in Westeros knows who wields the sword to this day.

02. Brightroar | House Lannister

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Brightroar was made of Valyrian steel, with a crimson red handle with a lion’s head on its pommel. Its guard was of a dark brown color and is accented with gold patterned designs that represented the affluent status of House Lannister. In fact, forging this sword was said to have cost the Lannisters enough gold to raise an army.

Brightroar came into their possession a century before the Doom of Valyria. The sword was eventually lost right after Valyria was ruined when Tommen II Lannister brought it with him to a scavenging campaign – believing that there were riches to be found among the ruins of Valyria.

03. Dark Sister | House Targaryen

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This blade was wielded by House Targaryen even before the conquest of Westeros and was forged so women warriors can use it. It is made of prized Valyrian steel with a distinct patterning that only the forges of Valyria can achieve. The handle is that of a steel-gray color with spiral patterns and at the pommel of the sword is a golden flame. The guard of the sword is wave-patterned and made of gold with a blood-red jewel at the center of the guard.

The first wielder of this sword was Visensya Targaryen, the Queen sister of Aegon I Targaryen. She was seen using this sword with great proficiency and helped her in the effort of conquering Westeros. The sword was passed down amongst the heirs of House Targaryen. It eventually found its way into the hands of Aegon IV Targaryen’s bastard son Brynden “Bloodraven” Rivers before it was lost among the pages of Westerosi history.

04. Dawn | House Dayne

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Distinct to Dawn is the color of its blade that is as pale as milk glass – a direct opposite to the darker hues that Valyrian steel gives off. The hilt of the sword is a dark leather with a silver pommel accented by a golden star which represents House Dayne. The guard of the blade is solid steel that curves a little bit towards the blade.

Dawn, unlike the Valyrian swords, is something else because it is rooted in the actual historical origins of House Dayne. According to legend, the sword was forged from the heart of a falling star that plummeted onto the mouth of the Torentine. Due to the importance of the sword to House Dayne, the weapon is also featured on their house sigil backdropped by a star. For 10,000 years, the sword was passed down from generation to generation and whoever wields this legendary sword is given the title Sword of the Morning. The last known wielder of the blade was Ser Arthur Dayne of the Kingsguard and, after his defeat at the Tower of Joy, Lord Eddard Stark returned the blade to House Dayne where it remains to this day.

05. Longclaw | House Mormont

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Originally belonging to the House Mormont, Longclaw is one of the few Valyrian swords that are in the possession of Westerosi nobility. The sword, like all the other Valyrian blades, has a unique sheen to it. Forged in the Valyrian free-hold, it is a great sword that has been made from magic in dragon fire. The handle of the blade is of black leather with a steel guard separating the blade from the rest of the sword. The pommel used to sport the sigil of House Mormont but, when it was given to Jon Snow, was replaced with a wolf’s head to represent House Stark.

Jeor Mormont was the one who wielded the sword up until he retired from his lordship of House Mormont to join the Night’s Watch. The sword is then passed to Ser Jorah Mormont but gives up wielding it when he was exiled to Essos. It is returned to Jeor Mormont who is now Lord Commander of the night’s watch. After some time, the sword was given to Jon Snow in honor of saving Jeor’s life. While in Jon Snow’s possession, the blade reveals that it can resist the ice blades that white walkers wield and can ultimately shatter white walker bodies upon contact.

06. Oathkeeper | House Lannister
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This sword is one of the two that were forged by melting the great sword of house Stark: Ice. The Oathkeeper has a hilt that is beautifully crafted with engravings to represent House Lannister. The pommel of the sword has a lion’s head on its tip. The guard also sports lion’s heads on both sides with a beautiful gem at the center of the guard.

Oathkeeper was made under the orders of Tywin Lannister for his son Jaime, in the hopes of replacing the lost Valyrian blade of their house. Ser Jaime eventually gave the blade to Brienne of Tarth which she used to complete her chivalrous act of saving Sansa from the clutches of the Boltons.

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