15 Literary Baby Names for Boys from the Books of Contemporary Authors

Choosing baby names can be very challenging - but not for bookworms.

Books are a treasure trove of cute names. In fact, a lot of moms and dads named their kids after their favorite fictional characters. Most of them choose names from classic literature - because it's sophisticated and elegant, clearly - but there are actually several names in the works of modern authors that would make unique and sweet names for baby boys.

Check out our list of baby names below - including their meanings! - and let us know which one you like best!


Inspired by Finnick Odair from The Hunger Games Trilogy - the champion who was brave enough to dive back into the Hunger Games arena and participate in a plan to overthrow the Capitol. He is a good role model that your child can look up to. Just be sure to wait until your child is ready before you make him read the books!


Inspired by Landon Carter from A Walk to Remember - a guy who, unexpectedly, fell in love with a girl who was his complete opposite. He loved a difficult kind of love. Make sure you don't cry your eyes out every time you call your baby's name.


Inspired by Augustus Waters from The Fault in Our Stars - a cancer patient who dedicated his life to making another cancer patient's life colorful and amazing. This guy definitely knows how to love.


Inspired by Grand Master Legend from Caraval - this name is perfect for fans of magic. This name will remind you that everything is not as it seems.


Inspired by Viscount Miles Houghton from The Boundary Stone - some may think twice before using this name. While it's true that Miles was the bad guy, he was the perfect picture of a dashing gentleman. If only he did not run away from danger!


Inspired by Kent McFuller from Before I Fall - he was the wallflower who turned out to be the best friend that anybody could have. He is a good reminder that you should never judge a person by what you simply see.


Inspired by Severus Snape of the Harry Potter series - the greatness of this name needs no explanation. Always.


Inspired by Percy Jackson of the Lightning Thief - this boy rescued his mortal mother from inexplicable danger. Like Finnick, his bravery is something that every boy should look up to.


Inspired by Quentin Jacobsen from Paper Towns - this guy did everything it took to find and rescue his friend. He also discovered a lot about himself along the way and learned to keep what was his to keep and let go what was his to let go.


Inspired by Tengo Kawana from IQ84 - Tengo was a talented writer who seemed like going with the dull flow of life. Unknown to many, he looks for ways to add spice to the mundane while waiting for the woman who will change his life forever.


Inspired by Four from the Divergent series - Four was an instructor of transfers to the Dauntless faction. He has valuable insights about fear and about how there are many sides to one person. He will make you see that we must not define a person based on just one trait.


Inspired by Etienne St. Clair from Anna and the French Kiss - the charming guy who, by simply existing, will brighten up any woman's day. He is a romantic and will do everything to get the girl - even if that means waiting and staying away.


Inspired by Will Traynor from Me Before You - the life of Will Traynor is the goal of every man. He has worked hard to get everything he ever wanted and has even inspired a girl to step out of her comfort zone and live boldly.


Inspired by Nobody Owens from The Graveyard Book - this is a little boy who knows what he wants and will do anything to get it. He sets out on adventuresome missions and - by listening to the advice of his elders - always comes out victorious.


Inspired by Gideon De Villiers from the Ruby Red trilogy - a strong and confident gentleman who is given a critical task that will change the course of history. He has his doubts, but keeps it to himself, and tries to keep his head focused on the goal - all while protecting a girl he has fallen in love with.

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