#FeedGoals: The Best Bookstagram Tips as Told by Teachers

Bookstagram is a huge community that is home to all sorts of bookworms. Some of them are teachers.

Yes, this might come as a shocker - but teachers no dot only pore over thick textbooks. They also love reading popular novels that will take them to new, wild adventures. A few of these educators turned to Instagram so they could share their creativity, book reviews, recommendations, and talk to other book lovers around the world.

Last week, we looked for teachers with the most aesthetically pleasing Instagram feeds! We found a few of them and compiled them on this list.

Of course, we also asked them for the best Bookstagram tip they can teach newbies. Read what they have to say and learn from their wisdom!


Seek out authentic connections with like-minded bookworms and post about what you love! The best book recommendations, photo inspirations, and new friendships develop and make the experience more enjoyable! 


When taking pictures, take multiple shots with different angles and lighting. Don't be afraid to experiment!


Be as interactive as possible. Like commenting on other's posts, responding to their stories, etc. It helps you connect better with people in the community.


Find your joy. Find the genres, authors, or topics that you are passionate about and grow your community around those. If you're doing what you love, you'll always be able to find the joy!


Don't try gimmicks that aren't you. Just be yourself and post about the stuff you're reading.


Don't worry about taking breathtaking pictures. Let the book speak, and just have fun!


My tip is to comment and message people personally to make wider community connections.


Don't be too nervous to reach out and talk to your fellow bookstagrammers! Everyone in the community is always excited to talk about books and is happy to welcome a new member!

#FeedGoals is a weekly post that features amazing accounts from the Bookstagram community. Want to see your photos here? Simply follow us on Instagram and comment on our photos! The world needs to know how amazing we book nerds are!

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