#FeedGoals: These 10 Bookstagram Accounts Will Make You Say "Me as a Mom"

Being a mom is tough, but being a mom with a bookstagram is tougher!

It’s challenging enough to think of awesome book photos, what more if there are kids running around and dishes waiting to be washed?

Last week, we found 10 creative mamas who have Instagram feeds worth swooning over! Check out their accounts + hit follow to always stay inspired by their creativity! If you want to see your account featured in one of our stories, head over to the end of this post and find out how.


Sabrina’s (@tiredmomreading) Instagram handle says it all: parenting can be tiring. But, this mama uses bookstagram as a stress-reliever. Her bright and beautiful photos can also serve as a stress-reliever for all her lucky followers!

Bookstagram has helped me become a better mom through the amazing support found in the community. Other bookstagrammer mamas empathize and encourage and help me unwind after a long day of parenting.
- tiredmomreading


Samantha (@inky.dreamer) is a mom of 2 from Australia who loves rainy days, warm fires, and beautiful books. Her beautiful shots are frequently backdropped by clear skies, lush greens, and beautiful ocean waves.

Bookstagram gives me a hobby outside of being a mom, which is always a great thing. Having like-minded people to geek out with is good for my soul. As I take most of my photos outside, it definitely keeps us healthier as we are always going on nature walks looking for new places to take the perfect shot.


Asha (@asha.reads) is a momma from Texas whose book photos also feature the beauty of nature! You will love seeing the calming colors of flowers, grass, and trees!

Since starting bookstagram, I have been able to give my kids the gift of creativity. My children love to help me think of ideas and ways to do a lay for a photo.


Jessie (@jessieslitlist) has one of the chicest Instagram accounts! Feast your eyes on books and pretty things - like flowers, coffee cups, or views of the great outdoors.

The Bookstagram Community has made me a better mom because kids learn most from modeled behavior. When my daughter sees me read, she sees the value I place in books and education.


Ashley (@walker_in_wonderland) has a good eye for taking pictures of book stacks and shelfies. Simply looking at her feed will make you want to buy more books, especially those that have beautiful covers!

Bookstagram has helped me find lots of great new stories to share with my kids. We always sit and tell a story at bedtime!


Crystal (@booklyfe1) can has a huge collection of books and props! From funko pops to fairy lights - she can create a wonderful photo with it all.

Bookstagram has made me a better mom by letting me have my love for reading and sharing it with my children. They want to read just so they can be like me and then get excited when they find a book they love.


Aside from books and bookish things, Ashley (@mommareads2me) also loves taking photos of her little one! And she is the sweetest little girl who can definitely brighten up everyone’s day!

Bookstagram and the community it offers has really helped me socialize and stay connected with the world, all while being able to be home with my 7-month old. I love raising her with books in her life. And seeing all the love that comes from the community - it’s a really wonderful way for me to show her this amazing way to be connected with other people all over the world who are all passionate about something you are, too!


This mama (@happiestwhenreading) is also a book blogger who writes reviews for the books she reads. She loves sharing her thoughts and hearing what other people think - so it’s no surprise that her favorite thing about bookstagram are the friends that she makes along the way!

The bookstagram community has quickly become a place of friendship for me. I have several ladies that I chat back and forth with on a daily basis and it has been wonderful to share a connection through our mutual love of books!


Sheela (@bookishandbrew) is a mom of 3 kids - 3 boys to be specific. That can be very challenging! But, she knows that she is not alone in this struggle.

Bookstagram has helped me connect with other readers who struggle with busy lives, but still has the need to enjoy the bit of peace a book can bring. I have so much hope that my kids will love books as much as me. And, it’s nice to know that there are still so many avid readers out there in a digital world.


When she’s not writing reviews for her book blog, Scar (@scarbookaddict) takes beautiful photos of books together with her kids! Surely, they would all grow up to be creative book lovers, as well!

Bookstagram helps me to find another way to spend some quality time with my two girls. We pick a book, find a location, take a couple of photos, then we sit together and the girls pick the photos that are posted. It’s an extremely fun process and they enjoy it a lot!

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