These Tips from Tyrion Lannister Will Make You More Persuasive

Tyrion Lannister has captured the hearts and minds of viewers and readers of The Song of Ice and Fire. Despite being vertically challenged, his wit definitely makes him one of the giants in the series. This imp has great talent with words – especially when it comes to persuasion.

He could always talk his way out of the tightest spots, like the time when he was about to be tried for death at the Veil. Using smooth words, he claimed that he has a right to trial by combat and was eventually granted his request. Bronn fought for him and won, thereby saving his own life.

We can all learn a thing from Tyrion – never underestimate the power of words.
If you ever find yourself in a difficult situation, save yourself using your wit. Follow these tips I picked up from reading about the adventures of Tyrion in TSOIAF series.

01. Always be reading.

For most of his life, people looked down upon Tyrion because he was an imp. He tried to live with this and read books to distract himself. This allowed him to become more knowledgeable about the world.

If you want to be as persuasive as Tyrion, then you have to be armed with such knowledge, as well. Do not expect people to be influenced by what you are staying if you are constantly spitting out nonsensical facts.

Read as much as you can. The knowledge that you gather may prove handy whenever you are faced with people that you are trying to persuade.

02. When bargaining, know what the other person needs.

Tyrion is an expert at identifying the needs and values of the people he talks to.

When Catelyn Stark tried to take him captive on her way to the Veil, marauding bandits attacked their caravan and. Luckily, Tyrion was quick to his feet and convinced the Lady Stark to set him free so he can fight the bandits alongside their companions. Tyrion knew that Catelyn needed him alive so he can be used as a bargaining chip. So, he capitalized on the interests of Lady Stark to let her do what he asks of her.

Like Tyrion, be keen at observing the interests of people you are trying to convince. Try to find out what drives them and how they see their aspirations. If you can master this then you are one step closer to understanding the art of persuasion.

03. Cite examples to add credibility.

From the recent events that transpired in the TV series of Game of Thrones, you might have noticed how Tyrion had become the Hand of Queen Daenerys.

This happened because he has proven to be a great ally when it comes to matters of ruling people. When he was asked for advice on how to invade the Seven Kingdoms, he answered that an invasion of Westeros could only be successful if the army invading it is also Westerosi. He cited the conquest of Aegon I and how this was no longer a viable method in invading The Seven Kingdoms - unlike before, everyone is now united under the same banner of whoever ruled from the Iron Throne.

Whenever you are trying to convince people, citing examples is a great way for you to bolster the point you are trying to make. For example, if you’re trying to convince your friend to quit smoking, tell them about experiences of other people you know who had some pretty nasty medical situations that were caused by smoking. These will make your points more valid.

Now that you have an idea on how to use the art of persuasion, remember that this talent will not be as effective if you do not practice it. It also takes time for you to learn your way into persuading people. The best way to practice this is to actually use it from time to time. And once mastered, you can be like Tyrion Lannister – the imp from Casterly Rock with the tongue of gold.

Thanks for these tips, Tyrion!


  1. One of my favorite character in Game of Thrones aside from well Daenerys and her Dragons! :D

  2. Some really interesting tips from the Games of thrones right when the new season is up and running - liked it :)

  3. One of the characters in Game of Thrones I admire. I hope he makes it to the end of the series though.