Yay or Nay: Then Came You Book Review

Then Came You is a beautiful story of girl power that absolutely everyone can relate to.

Then Came You Book Cover

The thing about bad decisions is that they don’t feel like bad decisions when you’re making them. They feel like the obvious choice, the of-course-that-makes-sense move. They feel, somehow, inevitable.

Author: Jennifer Weiner
Publisher: Washington Square Press | May 2012

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Then Came You is the story of four different women who lead very different lives.

The story centers on India Bishop, a failed actress who only wants to lead a comfortable life. When she meets rich businessman Marcus Croft, she decided that she wants to be a trophy wife - all she needs to do is stay young and beautiful.

She spends money on expensive clothes and relentlessly works to keep her body in shape. This way, the man she wants will always love her. But, her mature age is causing a very big problem - she cannot conceive a child.

With the help of a fertility clinic, the couple decide to hire a surrogate mother, Annie, to carry the child they very much wanted to have. They chose among the many egg donors and picked one donated by a brilliant Ivy-league student named Jules.

When Annie has successfully conceived their child, India spends her time preparing for the baby's arrival. Little did she know that she is being investigated by her step-daughter Bettina - a young woman who is very protective of her family, especially against gold diggers.

She uncovers secrets of India's past - secrets that involve crimes and morally wrong decisions. These secrets push Bettina to chase India away. But, she soon discovers that there is a reason behind every action and the whole story of her life can only be told by India herself.


Jennifer Weiner is one of the most popular contemporary authors. She is known to write easy, light-hearted stories that make you feel good. Her popular works include the highly acclaimed In Her Shoes, Little Earthquakes, and Goodnight Nobody. 

Given her amazing track record, you would only expect the best from her. This work did not disappoint.

The plot was simple and quite predictable - but that is what you expect of every contemporary novel. What makes this work truly unique is how well Weiner was able to create her characters and used them to inspire. 

As you go along the book, you will find that each of the characters were very well developed. The author took the time to narrate the backgrounds of each of our four main characters - allowing each of them to narrate a chapter alternately.

You will get to know each one of the girls very deeply, which will make you understand why they act and decide a certain way.

As you read about the experiences of the girls, you'll definitely find someone to relate to. Each one of them is battling different problems - broken families, confusing sexualities, runaway mothers, horrible bosses, and more. You will see them struggle, but you will also see them overcome these problems with courage and a little help from each other.

They are each other's fairy godmothers. They may not have magic wands and sparkly dresses, but they helped each other become a better version of themselves - the complete opposite of the wreck that they were in the beginning of the book. Weiner has indeed created a beautiful story of women helping women.

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SO MUCH YAY! 4 stars.

Then Came You is a great read that you can easily finish in one sitting. It is easy to read, plus the story has a soap-opera feel that will keep you turning pages.

Definitely grab this one when you see it in the bookstore. If it is your first time reading a book by Jennifer Weiner, this is a good place to start.

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