Elizabeth Knox Reveals Revenge Book Cover


Get excited, Skulls Renegade fans!

Elizabeth Knox finally reveals the book cover of Revenge - the third installment in her well-loved biker suspense series!

Just like its two predecessors - Reign and Redemption - you can expect this book to be complete with a fierce female, an alpha male, and a fast-paced plot that you will keep you reading until the wee hours of the morning.

Here's a little peek at what Revenge has in store for us:

Every single person at Skulls Renegade MC knows me as Jenna; Jenna Lawrence to be exact. 

They think I’m some club whore because I’ve led them to believe that’s all I am. I’ve done a damn good job at being that girl. Here’s the thing, I’m not who they think I am. 

My real name is Tegan Hill.

I’ve been here at Skulls Renegade’s Gainesville Chapter for nine long years, waiting for my golden opportunity that may never come. Skulls Renegade MC is responsible for my father’s death, or if I’m more specific, his killer Will Michaels is, Reed & Kyle’s father. 

I’ve watched every single thing happen in this club. I’ve seen Reed and Elena get married. I’m watching everyone around me starting to have their own happily-ever-afters. Only, I don’t get one. I won’t ever be able to, until I avenge my father.

I’ve devoted 9 years, 3168 days, and 76,032 hours to my cause. He’s bound to show up sometime and when he does I’ll finally get justice for what happened to me and my father.

I’ve expected a lot of things, but what I never expected, was to fall in love with a Skulls Renegade MC member.

Which will conquer? My love, or my hate?

And, of course, the much-awaited cover! 

It's definitely as sizzling as the first two books!

Revenge is set to be published on January 1, 2018. Don't forget to grab your copies and follow Jenna on her quest for vengeance.

Meanwhile, you can pick up other titles that will give you the same intense feels to keep your book cravings at bay.

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