15 Literary Baby Names for Girls from Contemporary Books


Names are a huge part of a person's identity. As a parent, it is your responsibility to give your baby girl a name that is unique, beautiful, and carries a good meaning.

Do it right and your child will thank you for all eternity. Do it wrong and expect for your child to be bullied in school.

Feeling the pressure yet? Don't worry - books are brimming with amazing characters you can name your baby girl after. If you want to skip the names from classic books, then this list of literary names from contemporary books will be of great help to you!


baby girl names

Inspired by Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games, your daughter will give the impression of being a survivor. Katniss is a good role model to look up to, so you can never go wrong with naming your child after her.


literary baby girl names

Primrose Everdeen is the sister of Katniss from The Hunger Games. She is the complete opposite - gentle, sweet, and fragile. Her love for her sister and her cat is inspiring. Her story would be a good one to tell if you want to teach your child about sisterly love.


literary baby names

Sarai is a princess from Strange the Dreamer that everyone wants to be. She is intelligent and bravely stands for what she believes in, even if it means going against her own sisters. She will remind you to always stand by what is right, no matter how difficult.


literary baby names

Inspired by Mia Hall from If I Stay, this is the perfect name to give if you want your child to be musically inclined. Mia sounds dainty and extremely feminine. But, just like the character in the book, she is armed with surprising talent that everyone will admire.


literary baby names

Louisa Clark from Me Before You is proof that being eccentric is not something to be ashamed of. Your being different can bring smiles to people around you. So, don't be afraid to name your daughter - your very own ray of light - after her!


1Q84 names

Aomame is a Japanese name from the novel 1Q84. She is an assassin who is commissioned to go on the most dangerous adventures, and she does so without questions. She survives these quests with the use of her amazing fighting skills, quick wit, and integrity. That's not a bad role model for your daughter.


anna and the french kiss

Inspired by Anna Oliphant from Anna and the French Kiss, this name is always a classic. It has been used since ages ago and will never go out of style. As she carries this elegant name, your daughter will be inspired to always appreciate blessings, to love, and to stay grounded.


paper towns characters

Margo Roth from Paper Towns is one of the most iconic contemporary characters ever introduced. She mysteriously disappeared to go find herself and follow her dreams. While her disappearance might not be a very good example to kids, her bravery and passion are inspiring. Just make sure you remind your daughter not to run away when angry!


literary baby girl names

Donatella Dragna is the outgoing sister of Scarlett from Caraval. It was her actions that led the sisters to join Caraval - a dream that Scarlett has long been waiting to come true. She did everything to protect her beloved sister and give her the life she deserves. Hers is another story that will teach your daughter about sisterly love and sacrifices.


literary baby girl names

Inspired by Lena Kaligaris from the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, this name is perfect for a reserved little girl. Lena grows up to be artistic and fights fiercely for her dreams, making her yet another great role model.


literary baby girl names

Samantha is the popular girl from the hit novel Before I Fall. She starts off as someone who thinks highly of herself, but soon learns the value of humility, selflessness, and being careful with words. Hers is the story your daughter should know when you need to teach her why bullying is not good.


literary baby names

Coraline is an adventurous little girl from a novel of the same name. She is wildly curious and cannot seem to stay still. She comes across several problems but shows us that she can wriggle out of any bad situation, even when she is scared. She is a character that your daughter will appreciate at a young age. She would definitely be thrilled to be named after Coraline.


literary baby names

Inspired by the main character from Lisa Beckett's newly published novel, Links, Charlotte is the perfect name to give a baby girl that you wish to become a talented author. Sure, you have to teach her perseverance and patience, but her namesake's story will remind her of the good things that she will reap after years of hard work.


Alaska Young is the mysterious yet charming girl from John Green's bestseller, Looking for Alaska. She is the most interesting and influential character of the bunch - imparting valuable lessons to her friends. Knowing her story, your daughter will be inspired to love her friends deeper. Just make sure she reads the novel at the right age!


Clary Fray is the brave girl from The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. In the novels, she finds out that she is not the normal girl she has always believed herself to be. Instead of shying away from her true self, she pulls herself together and bravely explores her new world. This headstrong girl is a wonderful character to name your child after!

What would you name your baby girl?


  1. Great names. We considered Mia for our youngest as we were looking for Scandinavian names that both sets of grandparents would say similarly. Based on the characteristics it would have been perfect. She lives to sing and perform already. Even though I won't get to name anything other than dogs at this point I still love name lists.

  2. Great names! I love Mia and Sarai

  3. Primrose and Lena are beautiful names!

  4. I think Mia is my favorite! And I really like how you put what each name means beneath it. I think the entire list is great!

  5. I have a daughter named Timiney. Her Dad's name is Timothy. Yes, it causes much confusion. I also love Charlotte and Anna. Great list.

  6. They are all beautiful names. I really love primrose sarai and Mia

  7. Lena is such a beautiful name! I love the way you describe each one!

  8. I love this list. Saving this for when I will be needing it. Love Katniss and Mia the most on this list