#FeedGoals: Book Lovers Spill Why They Started A Bookstagram And Why You Should Too

If you are a book lover, then you definitely know a thing or two about the bookstagram community.

#Bookstagram is an international community of bibliophiles on Instagram where each one posts a beautiful photo of a book and some props. The hashtag is attached to the photo so other people from across the world can see it, too. There are some who just post a bookish photo occasionally, but there are others who post every day and create a separate account solely dedicated to books and reading.

It is a good place to make new friends with people who share a common interest, and it is a lot of fun.

But, looking at the amazing photos that come with the hashtag can be a bit intimidating for newbies. I can attest to this: When I first looked at the photos on IG, I thought, "How on earth can I take photos as amazing as these? Would people appreciate my work?"

I mean, look at these book photos I found:

But, I still took the plunge - I created my own account and started posting bookish photos anyway. My photos weren't stunning, but I wanted to be part of the fun.

1,700 followers later, I am a now a very happy bookstagrammer with really good book recommendations from fellow bookworms, invitations to read ARCs, photography inspirations, and tons of new friends!

But, if joining the fun isn't enough reason for you to let go of your apprehensions, read about what pushed these other bookworms to start their accounts! They have grown to be some of the most creative in the community and their photos will prove that to you.

I'm sure their stories will inspire you to muster the courage and create that account. Who knows, you just might be the next big thing in bookstagram!

"I started a bookstagram account because I love reading books so much! Books have really become my safe place in hard times, and bookstagram is a wonderful community that celebrates the beauty of books! Also, it doesn't hurt that I get all my recommendations from other bookstagrammers."
- michelle_reads

"I started my bookstagram account to share my passion for reading and meet new people who also love books!"
- pastriesandpages

"As a writer, a lot of my time is spent in solitude. Joining the bookstagram community was a great way to connect with other writers and readers. Plus, I get to share what I'm working on!"

"I started bookstagram because I loved the creative outlet it gave me. It's a perfect way to share my love of books and discover new ones!"
- faerietalefiction

"I love books, I love photography - why not combine the two? I also want to meet my own kind - bibliophiles!"
- sinkingwithbooks

"I started a bookstagram because I really enjoy reading. Unfortunately, none of my friends are into literature. I was looking for people who share the same passion as me and I found them in this community."
- stardips

"After seeing the beautiful artwork of fellow bookstagrammers, I decided I wanted to join the community. It helps me express my love for books and belief in how essential reading is."

"I wanted to share my love for books with like-minded people and see what they recommend. You can tell a lot about people by their favorite books, so it's a really great way of finding new friends!"
- a.girl.and.her.books.9

"My ongoing love and passion for books showed me the way to bookstagram. I started it to share my love for words and stories, and to interact with others who feel the same!"
- chelslovestoread

"I saw how wonderful the bookstagram community is. I felt inspired seeing other accounts, so I started my own!"
- emehurr_reads

"I started a bookstagram account because I grew up being the only bookworm in the family and at school, so it was pretty lonely. And when I realized there was this beautiful international community dedicated to showing their love for books, how could I resist?"

Don't forget to give these lovely accounts a follow! See you around the #bookstagram community!

#FeedGoals is a weekly post that features amazing accounts from the Bookstagram community. Want to see your photos here? Simply follow us on Instagram and leave comments on our photos! The world needs to know how amazing we book nerds are!


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